Hi guys!

Since most of you knew.. I was working on an improved crew on deck mod from aces.

Aces made his crew staying in some rows with all men showing attention.

After studying some posts in the german Marinesims forum I ound some pictures which show the men on deck only in a row and often split into small groups like here:

So I decided to do this also for WAC 5.0.

Now the crew on deck has the following features:

-improved 3d model (they do have a nose now)
-men have different sizes
-some men are more thick
-different viewing directions of some men
-different gesture (standard=folded arms)
-different positions (not in a line anymore)
-some sidecaps angular
-different hair colours 
-shaved when leaving harbour
-with beards after some days when entering harbour
-different clothes when leaving and entering habour
-every u-boat model has its own crew
Some screens: