What is War Ace Campaign?

War Ace Campaign is a super mod for SilentHunter3. The mainpart consists of a huge modified campaign that had been developed and improved over the past 18 months. The campaign contains supposably the most detailed campaign of the supermods regarding historical events of the sea war during world war II. Over the war years there are more than 45 events offered to the player in which he can take part. These historical events are improved by a special radio report mod which will inform the player about these events and other important historical data if he is on patrol. This modification has its centre with these mentioned historical events and several other modifications of the SH3 modding scene on play motivation. The player will be faced with more action. Sea battle between sea forces, air strikes against convoys and other events. He will also get a better feeling being in the game and also a more realistic Silent Hunter 3. For this many SH3 default bugs have been solved.

War Ace Campaign ist ein Supermod für Silent Hunter 3. Hauptteil des Mods ist, wie sich vermuten lässt die Kampagne, die während der über 18 monatigen Entwicklung stetig verbessert wurde. War Ace Campaign enthält wohl die detaillreichste Kampagne der bisherigen Supermods bezüglich historischer Ereignisse während des Seekrieges im zweiten Weltkrieg. Dem Spieler werden über die Kriegsjahre mehr als 45 Ereignisse geboten, in denen er die Möglichkeit hat teilzunehmen. Diese historischen Ereignisse sind in einem detaillierten Funkverkehr eingearbeitet, so dass der Spieler, insofern er auf Patrolie ist, über diese Seegefechte und weitere historisch wichtige Ereignisse informiert wird. Diese Modifikation setzt ihren Schwerpunkt mit den historischen Ereignissen und anderen zahlreichen Veränderungen und Modifikationen, der SH3 Modding Szene auf Spielspaß. Dem Spieler soll mehr geboten werden, mehr Action. Seegefechte zwischen Kriegsschiffen, Flugzeugangriffe auf Konvois und weitere Events warten auf den Spieler. Ein Gefühl mehr im Spiel zu sein wird erschaffen, ein realistischeres SH3. Dazu wurden viele kleine Fehler aus dem Original Silent Hunter 3 ausgebessert.




DEVELOPMENT - SMS Schleswig-Holstein from SH5

Hi guys! Since alpha test phase is still going on... a few weeks ago I had a new small project going on. All you know that the war campaign with its events is one of the most important features of WAC. Fortunately I somewhere on the net could discover an extracted SH5 version of the pre dreadnouht...


So.. after I exchanged some old SH3 units with high detailed SH5 units included with ambient occlusion I today show you some small improvements of the old vessels. I did work a bit on the weapons - collected some good stuff (SH4&SH5) in different libraries and erased the old stuff. Here you...


Hi guys! Since july is a bit family and vacations time nothing big is going on in developement. But... the good is... WAC5.0 is 95% done.. only small things missing and it is up and running. Some optimization have been made to run in FHD resolution and a surprise eye candy for later war...

DEVELOPMENT - Exchanged two old style ships

Some small news here... beside my optimizing and testing time I sometimes also improve other things. So.... done as thought! I thought the old SH3 stock models from the german auxilliary cruiser, the large merchant and the fast merchant could use better models. I found some on the net... First the...


Hi guys... long time no news here... I am busy in optimizing... and sometimes I feel my creative mind uses fuel... so I thought the sea could need an overhaul... I took some old WAC colors... and made some new really nice looking and feeling waves. Have a look:

New Pictures

Hi guys! To get you a bit hungry... I give you some pictures I made today when testing new units:


Hi guys! I am sorry, but no big news again here. But there is still progress... At the moment I am adding new sea units to WAC5.0, so the count if units will be about 300 units.    


Hi guys! A small second surprise egg I have here for the last day of easter 2016. As I recently added Ahnenerbes ai sub compilation and added the animated crew for the subs I realized that the type x of his compilation had the potential to get reworked for a possible new type XIV milkcow. So I made...


Hi guys! 2008... Anvart from subsim forum invented a new animated ai sub crew.. and nobody ever used it. I ported them to the new high detail ai subs from Ahnenerbe that will be in WAC5.0. It is a great addition to the game... no more soulless dummies anymore!!! Have a look: