What is War Ace Campaign?

War Ace Campaign is a super mod for SilentHunter3. The mainpart consists of a huge modified campaign that had been developed and improved over the past 18 months. The campaign contains supposably the most detailed campaign of the supermods regarding historical events of the sea war during world war II. Over the war years there are more than 45 events offered to the player in which he can take part. These historical events are improved by a special radio report mod which will inform the player about these events and other important historical data if he is on patrol. This modification has its centre with these mentioned historical events and several other modifications of the SH3 modding scene on play motivation. The player will be faced with more action. Sea battle between sea forces, air strikes against convoys and other events. He will also get a better feeling being in the game and also a more realistic Silent Hunter 3. For this many SH3 default bugs have been solved.

War Ace Campaign ist ein Supermod für Silent Hunter 3. Hauptteil des Mods ist, wie sich vermuten lässt die Kampagne, die während der über 18 monatigen Entwicklung stetig verbessert wurde. War Ace Campaign enthält wohl die detaillreichste Kampagne der bisherigen Supermods bezüglich historischer Ereignisse während des Seekrieges im zweiten Weltkrieg. Dem Spieler werden über die Kriegsjahre mehr als 45 Ereignisse geboten, in denen er die Möglichkeit hat teilzunehmen. Diese historischen Ereignisse sind in einem detaillierten Funkverkehr eingearbeitet, so dass der Spieler, insofern er auf Patrolie ist, über diese Seegefechte und weitere historisch wichtige Ereignisse informiert wird. Diese Modifikation setzt ihren Schwerpunkt mit den historischen Ereignissen und anderen zahlreichen Veränderungen und Modifikationen, der SH3 Modding Szene auf Spielspaß. Dem Spieler soll mehr geboten werden, mehr Action. Seegefechte zwischen Kriegsschiffen, Flugzeugangriffe auf Konvois und weitere Events warten auf den Spieler. Ein Gefühl mehr im Spiel zu sein wird erschaffen, ein realistischeres SH3. Dazu wurden viele kleine Fehler aus dem Original Silent Hunter 3 ausgebessert.





Well guys... after I found out that Wurmonkel @ Marinesims forum ported over SH5 aft torpedo room and the e-machine room to SH3 a member of the team (Blitzkrieg) thought it would be great not only to have a full type II interior. I though it was a good thought... Now we have also a full type VII...


So.. finally after so many things to rework after I added the rotation of the exterior periscope model I got all the towers done. So now all the towers have rotating periscopes :) .... the next project in the works...got a good idea myself... stay tuned and walk backwards in number nine ;)

DEVELOPMENT - Rotating exterior periscopes created

Hi guys!   Since Magic1111 @ the german marinesims forum suggested to add the rotation of the exterior periscopes I tried to realize this good idea and had a conversation with Ahnenerbe @ subsim forum via pm that he also tried this. After some endless hours of trying and days of testing I...

PROGRESS - High Detail Exteriors Finished

After some hard work and some incompatibilties... I achieved to get all high detail u-baot models to work with my new interior. Now all the Wise&Koval subs are integrated, the German U-Boat Compilation by Ahnenerbe and I also added WAC features such as automatically opening of the exterior...

PROGRESS - Wise&Koval Type VII & IX added

Hi guys! Fortunately I can make some small developement progress. I added the high detailed models of the type VII & IX from Wise&Koval to WAC5.0. They look really great ingame ... and.. all compatible with full interiors.    

Development - Type IIA fully lightmapped

Hi guys!After I finished the new interiors I started to improve the exteriors.I added the fully lightmapped type IIA from Flakmonkey, added WAC features and fixed texture errors,but have a look:


Progress again... Just completed the type II interior with the following features: -Engine Room (Rear Quarters), Torpedo Room (Forward Quarters) -Collision model in freecam -Animated Equipement -Animated Persiscopes -Persicopes heading towards real direction -Manually Opening hatches -Automatically...

Progress - Type IX Interior finished

Hi guys! Just finished the type IX port from Flakmonkeys type VII interior mod. Want to let you see what I achieved....       Type IX has now these Compartements: -Control Room -Sonar & Radio Room -Engine Room -Officers Wardroom -Galley -Petty Offficers Room -Forward Torpedo...

Development - type IX interior beginn

Ahoi sailors.... Just wanted to infrom you that the type II engine compartement is 98% finished. Maybe I try to add engine animations later... will see :) For now I start with tye IX rearangement of the compartements, as I just ported FM compartments from type VII to type IX.